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Kinnectus is a matching platform that merges behavioral therapy with technology, to deliver a quality and affordable service for the special educational needs (SEN) community. Through Kinnectus, parents with SEN children can search and book assessments as well as find suitable Chartered Special Needs Tutors (CSNT) and community centres in real time for therapy sessions.

However, since the need for qualified CSNTs has often been greater than the resources available, the Chartered Special Needs Tutors Institute was established by Bridge AI to train parents and caregivers to become qualified Chartered Special Needs Tutors (CSNT) to conduct high quality behavioral therapy sessions.

To become qualified, prospective CSNTs will go through online training, practical role-play sessions, practicum training and computer system training. After attaining the qualification, CSNTs will be able to conduct therapy sessions for SEN children anytime, anywhere, further allowing them to reach their full potential.

The development of Kinnectus marks an important step as it connects qualified tutors and resources to create stronger communities and a support network. It does so by connecting the parents with SEN children, children with SEN, CSNTs and different community centres.

Kinnectus also increases job opportunities, income and allows a flexible schedule for people who are passionate in working with SEN children. Finally, Kinnectus increases the utilization of different community centres in order to serve the needs of the community. Through this support network, low income families with SEN children will be able to receive quality behavioral therapy at a much lower cost.

Team Leader
WONG Chun Man Victor (EdUHK)

Team Member
CHAN Sze Ting (HKU)
WONG Hiu Fung Chris (University of Bath)
TO Chun Sze Jacqueline (The University of Sydney)

Faculty Advisor
Prof. CHAN Yuen Yan Rosanna (CUHK)
Prof. SIN Kuen Fung Kenneth (EdUHK)



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