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When wheelchair users go out, there are different challenges and barriers caused by poor street planning, illegal car parking and wheelchair nighttime walking. Therefore, in response to the needs for accessible travel of wheelchair users, a portable smart light system has been developed by our team, which includes wheelchair software engineers, social work postgraduates and social enterprisers: Wheel Real Light.

Wheel Real Light is a product which cares about the mobility needs of wheelchair users: our smart lighting device can now look out for their road safety and illumination needs in their daily life. With portable design features, our smart lighting product is adaptable for different kinds of wheelchairs and can be easily installed by anybody. Furthermore, when wheelchair users go out and encounter challenges on the road, our smart system can provide support for them by emitting light and sound signals for the purpose of: 

  1. alerting other road users
  2. sending SOS emergency alerts during accidents
  3. providing location notifications to caregivers of wheelchair users 

At the same time, we will create IT-related working opportunities and training for wheelchair disabled persons by being our developers and STEM trainers.

Our business model includes two parts. For the long term, our target is the disabled and elderly wheelchair user market. For the short term, the focus of our business is selling STEM & Experience Courses. We will also collaborate with our NGO partners including Direction Association for The Handicapped and Dialogue Experience to develop school and commercial markets.

Team Leader
CHONG Kwai Nam (HKU)

Team Member

WONG Chun Yin (CityU)
WONG Ho Chi (CityU)
CHAN Yow Jen Delphica (HKU)

​Faculty Advisor
Prof. CHUNG Shu Hung Henry (CityU)



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