Up and Coming: Bonnie Chiu


2017-04-06 | Third Sector

Chiu is co-founder of global social enterprise Lensational, which equips underprivileged women with cameras and photography training to empower them emotionally and economically

Bonnie Chui

Q Who’s your favourite photographer?

An American street photographer called Vivian Maier, who worked as a nanny for most of her life and took pictures of her surroundings in her own time. Maier’s resilience to pursue her dream of being a photographer reminds me of my own students. We need more female role models as photographers.

Q What advice would you give to young people who want to become social entrepreneurs?

Thankfully, there is a growing culture of encouraging young people into social entrepreneurship. Young people need to think of social change they are passionate about and use this as a driving force to become involved in a social enterprise. Their motivation needs to be guided by purpose, but they should not think they have to change the world to be considered a success.

Q What are your future hopes for Lensational?

My biggest long-term hope is for the social enterprise to operate as a self-sustainable model, socially and financially. I also hope to persuade more corporate partners that social impact can be achieved without this coming at the expense of its financial gain.



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